In November 2018, Extinction Rebellion blocked the streets of London to open the eyes of the masses to the plight of human extinction. It is their belief, backed up by science, that the planet has increased in temperature by one degree in the last forty years. If it were to increase in temperature by half a degree more then the planet would be unrecognizable to the one we see today. We are to see not only an increase in fires and floods, but certain heat sensitive organisms will become instinct. That in itself is worth fighting against. But, we live in a delicate ecosystem each organism relies on one, or many others, for it’s survival and humans are no different. The real fear is that we could be extinct within 15 years. I have closed my ears to it for long enough.

The story so far…

We are just an average family of three. There is myself, Nicci (aged 40) ; My daughter Emma (aged 5) and my son Ben (aged 3) and our weekly income (after council tax and gas) is £150 a week to cover food, clothes, necessities, toys and entertainment. So that puts us fairly close to the bottom 10% financially.

We recycle and compost. We have cut down on meat and dairy. I switch the lights off when leaving a room; we turn the water off while brushing our teeth and buy most things second hand. But after visiting Green Peace online to discover my plastic footprint. I realized that I still added 870 items of plastic a year to the oceans and that is before even considering the cotton buds, soap bottles and crisp packets!


The Plan..

So here is the plan: we are going plastic free for 2019. My intention is to do a normal shop, for us, at the end of the year and to post images of it on Instagram for you to see. Then as things get eaten, or used it will be up to my children and I to find an alternative that doesn’t bring plastic into our homes. I will bring you guys with us on the journey through regular blog posts identifying things that we have learnt on the way. How easy have governments and businesses, to date, made it for the average family to stand up against plastic? If you have any tips… spot some plastic I haven’t noticed coming into our home.. or want to get on board with joining us on the journey yourself for your New Years Resolution then comment below. It will be great to hear from you! On a personal level I am hoping that bringing less packaged crap into my home will assist my losing 20lb/10kgs, so if weight loss is your usual resolution.. join me and let’s get both ourselves and the planet healthier for 2020. Oh and Happy New Year Everyone!